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2017 Holiday Greetings

As the days get shorter and cooler it comes to the time of year when Idyll goats start to “dry off” their milk production in preparation for their kidding (birthing) season in the spring. We allow them this period of rest for their health and the health of their babies. What this means to our cheese production is that our fresh cheeses periodically will not be available roughly between end of December throughout March. We will have a limited supply of our raw milk, washed rind Temptation during this time.

As far as holiday baskets are concerned, this year we are doing a la carte baskets for those that are interested. Check out the cheese section, let us know what cheese and amount you are interested, as well as any other merchandise, and we will get back to you with a price list and availability.

From our Great Lakes Pastures, wishing you green pastures this coming holiday and year!

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