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Idyll Farms. Great Lakes Pastures. Great Goat Cheese.

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Idyll Farms is a goat farmstead creamery located in Northport, Michigan, a small village perched on the edge of Lake Michigan. Our Certified Humane ® Alpine goats are pasture-fed through managed intensive rotational grazing, which is great for our pastures, our soil, our goats, and best of all, our cheese. Through our regenerative farming practices, we sequester carbon, thereby reducing climate change. And by doing everything in house, from pastures to creamery, we meticulously coordinate our entire process in order to make some of the world’s tastiest award-winning goat cheese.

Since 2014, Idyll Farms has won 35 American Cheese Society awards (more than any other goat cheese producer in 2017, 2019 and 2022), 9 World Championship Cheese Awards, 5 U.S. Championship Cheese Awards, 8 World Cheese Awards and a Good Foods Award. In 2021 they opened the 1st and only goat cheese vending machine in the world in the village of Northport.