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Join our G.O.A.T. dairy farmstead creamery team in beautiful Northport, Michigan!

Idyll Farms produces world-class, award-winning farmstead goat cheese made from the milk of Certified Humane ® Raised and Handled Alpine goats. Our goats graze on non-GMO Great Lakes Pastures using regenerative farming methods. This reverses climate change by sequestering carbon in the soil, is great for our planet, pastures, goats and their milk- and it’s the secret to how we make some of the healthiest and tastiest G.O.A.T. cheese in the world!

To date, Idyll Farms has won:

  • 38 American Cheese Society awards (the most out of any producer in 2017, 2019 and 2022!)
  • 9 World Championship Cheese Awards
  • 5 U.S. Championship Cheese Awards
  • 8 World Cheese Awards
  • Good Food Award

Our career paths in agriculture offer experiences in areas such as holistic goat health, milk production, pasture management, and regenerative farming methods.

Our creamery offers the opportunity to produce world-class, award-winning goat cheese with a focus on food safety.

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