Idyll Farms

Idyll Goats

fall_goats_2Idyll Farms goats are of the Alpine persuasion, a breed known for its highly nutritious and sweet milk. Their ancestors came from the French Alps, making them hardy and adaptable to Northern Michigan climate.

Our goats have distinctive markings (along with having distinctive personalities!) that makes it easier to distinguish them from each other.

We use the tradition of naming all our doelings (female baby goats) alphabetically according to their birth year to keep track of their age.

Our does are bred every fall and give birth to one to three kids 150 days later. The kids are milk fed until they reach weaning age at about eight to ten weeks.

Idyll Farms is a Certified Humane Raised and Handled® farm, meaning that our animals are given more than adequate clean and comfortable space to live and the best food and treatment possible. Our farm team care for the goats as if they were their own “kids,” providing them with holistic and preventative health care, plenty of love and attention. They carefully manage the rotational pastures, insuring the goats are grazing on the lushest and most nutritionally dense areas at any given time.